9 Meal Planning Tips
  • Only shop the outside of the grocery store steer clear of the inside aisles (that is where they stock most of the processed foods)
  • Ditch the extra calorie drinks (soda, juice, bottled tea, lattes, energy drinks, sports drinks, ect...)
  • If you are going to have wine don't eat food with it. And if you do than only have green leafy veggies to counter the high acidity of the wine.
  • Plan ahead and pack smart snacks for trips both long and short.
  • Eat food as close to whole and natural as possible with a maximum of 5-7 ingredients & that you know how to pronounce.
  • STOP and ASK yourself "Am I really hungry or just bored?"
  • Drink water... lots and lots of water.
  • Eat regularly throughout the day and always have breakfast. (unless fasting)
  • Make sure you are consuming enough fiber and avoiding processed carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, fructose, and HFCS.

Get results using the structured Meal Plans that we offer below...

        High Fat Low Carb 1 Day
         Ideal for individuals who are looking
         for a more Keto friendly lifestyle
         & need to kick the processed carbs.
                              $ 3.99
                         Paleo 1 Day
          Ideal for individuals who are also
          interested in Keto
          and a more plant based diet.
  Gluten Free Mediterranean 7 Day
Ideal for individuals who would like
a clean diet that still leaves room
for some healthy carbs.
      High Endurance 1 Day
Ideal for athletes and individuals
that intuitively know that they perform
better when fueled with carbs.
3 Square 7 Day
Ideal for individuals who want to eat healthy but can't be trusted with snacking.

Tittle Tone Up 7 Day
Ideal for individuals who want to eat like a trainer, for fuel, endurance, great skin and results. Tonya's personal diet. (mostly vegetarian but includes some fish and egg whites)

Need more personalized attention and
customized to your needs and habits etc..?

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• Identify the factors that are holding you back
• Shake the old habits & Create healthier ones
• Consider meal timing and hormones
• Teach you what works for your body
• Give you meal plans that are easy to follow with minimal cooking
• Give you a chance to have a professional nutrition coach in your corner

• Discuss supplement suggestions or what may be missing from your diet
• Achieve and maintain your goals

Tonya is ACSM-certified and Owner & Director of Training at Energy Fitness, a boutique personal training studio established in 2002.

Energy Fitness has helped over 3200  lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives and now she's ready to help you, too starting with YOUR nutrition!